The starting point for Swedish Tonic was simple. We wanted a really good tonic. Couldn’t find one we liked. Realized we could make it better ourselves. Everything we saw was transparent. It didn’t make sense. Tonic is made from Chinchona Bark – it’s a tree bark. Have you ever seen a transparent tree? We started pressing, mixing and cooking. 2 guys, 3 guys, a team. Each success was followed by a disaster; Bottles exploded. 20 pallets of boxes arrived to our apartments. We couldn’t store them. Our 3000 jiggers we received had the wrong measurements. Drinks turned diabolic. Not in a good way. Tried again. Friends were getting enthusiastic. Others too. Words spread. New friends. Bloggers. Food folks. In Sweden and all over Europe. The secret?

Swedish Tonic is truly unique. No junk. Only great stuff. Amber syrup, not transparent. Crafted in small batches. For real. Brewed, strained, blended, filled, sealed and labeled by hand. Our hands. Real chinchona bark. Freshly pressed citrus. Agave for sweetness and juniper for the bite.

Awards & Prizes

Swedish Tonic has won numerous awards both nationally and internationally in the past years. 2019 we the Swedish Design Awards and 2020 we won gold in Pentawards, one of the most prestigious competitions within packaging design.